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Room Reservations

How to Make a Room Reservation

  • You must be a McCormick resident to reserve a room!
  • Read the Room Reservations Policy.
  • Look at room availability on the Room Reservation Calendar.
  • Fill out the Room Reservation Form.
  • Wait for the Room Reservations Chair to confirm the reservation. This can take up to three days.

McCormick Hall Room Reservations Policy

A dorm resident may invite people to McCormick for any event provided these criteria are met in full. Please read! Rules have been updated!

  1. The room she is using has been previously reserved in accordance with the current room reservations policy.
  2. Only the following may be reserved: Green and Brown Living Rooms, Music Room, Party Kitchen, Kitchen in the Clouds, Dance Studio, Country Kitchen, Seminar Room A, Seminar Room B, all Date Rooms, East Penthouse, West Penthouse, room 217, Game Room, Private Dining Room and Dining Hall. Only one living room may be reserved at a time. Reservations in the Dining Hall must also be approved by MIT Dining and the house manager.
  3. The dance studio shall be open from 10 am to 11 pm.
  4. All rooms are available for use by McCormick residents if not previously reserved.
  5. The resident must submit a preliminary guest list to the room reservation chair at the time the reservation is made. For one-time reservations, sponsors must also check in at desk before the event to provide an updated guest list and phone number. For permanent reservations, this check-in at desk must be done once, after the permanent reservation has been approved. If a complete guest list cannot be given, the sponsor or a dorm resident attending the event, must go to desk to assist in checking in the guests.
  6. Only 5 rooms maybe reserved simultaneously. There is a limit of 4 hours per reservation, including set-up and clean-up time.
  7. McCormick events have priority over all other events. Otherwise, reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  8. No individual can make more than 4 reservations in a month.
  9. No group can make more than 20 hours of reservations per month and no more than 5 hours of permanent reservations per week.
  10. Permanent reservations last one term and need approval at a house meeting. The sponsor or a designated McCormick resident must attend the meeting.
  11. The Judicial Committee must approve functions for over 50 people in advance. However, events sponsored and organized by McCormick chairwomen do not need advance Judicial Committee approval.
  12. The resident should not abuse her privileges by sponsoring events she will not attend for groups with which she is not associated.
  13. No pledge or rush activities can take place in McCormick.
  14. Only the Judicial Committee may grant exceptions to these rules.
  15. All Institute rules regarding event registration must be followed.
  16. If any of the above rules are broken, the reservation may be revoked, and the individual/group that has broken the rules may not be permitted to make subsequent reservations.

Policy approved at the house meeting on March 3, 2012.

  • All events with alcohol must be in compliance with the MIT Alcohol Policy

  • (This is not necessary for groups of less than 20 people but it is good to have just in case. This person must also be a McCormick resident.)

  • Guest Lists are mandatory for all reservations, except official McCormick events.
  • By making this reservation you are automatically agreeing to the termsoutlined in the Room Reservations Policy and accept full responsibility for allactions taken during the reservation. You are responsible for reading thepolicy and will face JudComm for any disturbances or inappropriate activitythat took place during your reservation. The Room Reservations Chair has theright to reject any incomplete reservation forms or reservations she deemsinappropriate. It is your responsibility to return the form in a timely manner(minimum 72 hours) so that the Room Reservations Chair can best accommodateyour interests. All reservations may be subject to cancellation.