320 Memorial Dr. Cambridge, MA 02139


Medlinks are student liaisons for MIT Medical. They advise their fellow residents about health issues and can even dispense single doses of certain over the counter medicines. If you are not sure if you should seek a professional opinion about a problem or just need a bandaid, stop by the room of one of our friendly Medlinks. They love visitors!

For more information on MIT’s Medlink program check out the Medlink Website

Current Medlinks:

East Tower
327 Vaishnavi Rao
334 Veronica Chu
428 Julie Ramseier
438 Chloe Orphanides
623 Pooja Jethani
633 Lakshmi Subbaraj
638 Maiko Kitaoka

West Tower
415 Preeti Singhal
504 Angela Zhang
507 Erika Trent
601 Camila Chile
707 Vivian Liu
710 Felicia Hsu

295 Meryem Ok