Games list

Last Updated: Spring 2014

Games can be rented from the front desk for free, but you must leave a valid MIT ID card or drivers license to secure it.

Wii Game Summary
Dance Dance Revolution Wikipedia
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wikipedia
Super Mario Brothers Wii Wikipedia
Super Mario Kart Wikipedia
Super Mario Party 8 Wikipedia
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wikipedia
Wii Fit Plus Wikipedia
Wii Play Wikipedia
Wii Sports Wikipedia
Board Game Version #
Puzzle 500 pieces 6
Puzzle 1000 pieces 3
Apples to Apples 1
Catch Phrase 1
Charade Game 1
Chess 1
Chess, Backgammon, and Checkers 1
Clue 1
Cranium 1
Don’t Be a Dork 1
Life 1
Lord of the Rings Board Game 1
Monopoly Original 1
Monopoly American Ed. 1
Moods 1
Oodles 1
Othello 1
Pictionary 1
Probe 1
Rolomatic Bridge (no cards) 1
Scrabble 1
Split Second 1
Taboo 1
Trival Pursuit 1980′s Masters Ed. 1
Trival Pursuit Genus III 1
Trival Pursuit Silverscreen Ed. 1
Tumbling Tower 1
Twister 2
Uno Deluxe 1
Wit’s End 1