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What’s in each room?

Every room has a bed, desk, chair, and small (or large) book case for each occupant. In the main building (both towers) there is a built-in bureau for each uncrowded occupant. It is a wonderful closet like space that has a mirror with a light posed above it, and an abundance of drawers and other things you would find in a closet. In crowds, an armoire is added to accommodate the storage needs of the added person. East Tower and Annex rooms have carpeting. Heating is provided but like all dorms except New House, there is no A/C. There is a computer jack that can accommodate an Internet (Ethernet) connection for each occupant. McCormick also has wireless access to the MIT network in all rooms. Check out the ResNet information for computers.

What’s on each floor?

WEST TOWER: Each floor is a single unit and has a kitchen, two communal bath rooms, a utility closet, and a “laundry room” equipped with two large sinks, ironing board and iron, clothes drying rack. The real laundry room with washers and dryers is located in the basement, accessible by elevators and stairs. Graduate Residential Tutors (GRTs) are on floors 3, 4, and 6. Each floor contains doubles facing the Charles River and Kresge Oval, as well as singles facing the courtyard and Green Hall, for a total of about 26 residents/floor. The second floor has only seven residents with a kitchen, lounge and bathroom because the Housemasters’ apartment occupies the other half of the floor.

This is Room 308, which is a corner room. The corner rooms are the “01s”, “08s”, “10s”, and “17s” on each floor. Note that it is set up as a double. In the event it is made into a triple, another bed, desk, and set of shelves will be added, plus an armoire. This room is 331 sq. ft.
This is Room 309, which is typical of the “09”s—the middle rooms on each floor, facing the river. Note that it is set up as a double. In the event it is made into a triple, another bed, desk, and set of shelves will be added, plus an armoire. This room is 278 sq. ft.
This is the floor kitchen for the third floor. Each kitchen has 3 fridges with freezers, two ovens with stovetops, one microwave, two sinks and cabinets for residents to store utensils. It is typical of kitchens in the West Tower. All West Tower kitchens have TVs bought from the floor fund. Usually, there are also communal toasters, toaster ovens and various other kitchen supplies.
Here is one of the two bathrooms on the third floor. Each bathroom has at least two showers and either an extra shower or a tub. Around the corner are a few sinks, including one that is for hair washing. On the left are cubbies for keeping your things.

EAST TOWER: Each floor has two suites, each of which is considered a single unit. Each suite has a kitchen and a single communal bath room. The floor tutors are on floors 3, 5, and 7. Because most floors consists of single rooms, the East Tower has less people per floor; as a consequence, kitchens are used less frequently and used by less people (thus more storage area in the fridges). The East Tower also has the reputation of being the quietest and cleanest section to live in McCormick Hall. This could be partially be due to the face that in recent years, many freshmen and sophomores have been assigned to the East Tower because of the smaller dimensions of the East Tower singles.

Types of Singles in the East Tower

BOX: A “box” is the third largest single in McCormick. They are found in the East Tower with the room numbers: x24, x26, x34, x37 (where “x” denotes the floor number).

SHOEBOX: A “shoebox” is the smallest single in McCormick and is found in the East Tower only. Room numbers of coffins are x21, x30, x31, x40 (where “x” denotes the floor number).

CORNERS : These rooms are the second-smallest singles in the dorm and found in the East Tower. The rooms have the following numbers: x22, x29, x32, x39 (where “x” denotes the floor number).

L : An “L” is the second-largest single room in McCormick (the largest is the first floor single in the Annex). The room is so named because there is a little alcove area that makes the room into an “L” shape. Found in the East Tower, these are rooms numbered x23, x28, x33, x38 (where “x” denotes the floor number).


ANNEX: The Annex is a small three-story row house that was added to McCormick about six years ago. Each floor has three or four rooms—mostly triples, but a couple of doubles and singles. The Annex first floor single is the largest single in McCormick and is the only one that is handicapped-accessible. Each floor has a communal bathroom for that floor. A new kitchen has been installed on the first floor for the whole Annex. The floor tutor is on the 2nd floor.

NOTA BENE: Until a floor reaches a unanimous vote at a floor meeting, the bathroom(s) for the floor are single sex (women only). There is a men’s bathroom on the first floor.

What’s in the kitchen?

The kitchens have stoves, sinks, cabinets, and refrigerators sufficient to accommodate the residents on that floor or suite. The amount of cupboard space varies depending on the floor, and most the of the cabinets are capable of being locked (you provide the lock). Students are responsible for bringing all cooking and eating implements, and they are responsible for keeping the kitchens clean. Cleaning staff will mop the floor and wipe the counters every so often.

What else is in McCormick?

ATHENA CLUSTER : This recently renovated cluster contains several Athena computers, comfortable rolling chairs and one printer named Katharine (after Katherine Dexter McCormick). Residents are encouraged to NOT use Katharine for large scale printing in order to conserve toner as well as paper. Toner and paper are bought with the house tax funds (which can be spend on better things like funding dorm events or upgrading facilities) while Student Center printers and campus printers have paper supplied by YOUR tuition. Also, to promote environment-awareness, residents are encouraged to print double-sided and to disable the header function when printing. Athena commands for the prior acts are posted on the cluster walls next to the printer.

BASEMENT: In the basement there are two soda machines, a snack machine, a change machine, the Laundry Room (with washers, dryers, folding tables and sink), the Luggage Room, Senior Storage 23, Senior Storage 25, and the Recreation Room.

COUNTRY KITCHEN : Located next the annex, this is a large eating area equipped with a fridge, sink, stove, oven, large countertops and cabinets. Food stored in the fridge are NOT free for taking as many student organization store groceries there for events that they host in the country kitchen. For example, The Association of Tiawanese Students holds there weekly Xi-Fan (chinese brunch) Sundays in the Country Kitchen.


: It’s the open patio found between the two towers of our dorm. The air is very fresh there and quite a bit windy due to the wind-tunnel-eque effect achieved by the two towers. There are a few benches for sitting. We hold our once-a-term barbecues in the courtyard. (The housemasters and floor tutors do a great job of grilling hamburgers, hot dogs and bbq chicken so don’t miss it There’re also fresh watermelon slices and cotton candy straight from the cotton candy machine.)

DATE ROOMS : These are the rooms along the north wall of McCormick’s first floor which are furnished with a couch and/or chairs and table. They can be used for study sessions, small meetings, etc. These rooms cannot be reserved. Date Rooms A, B, and C are often used for temporary storage (usually when people are moving in and out of McCormick).

DISH CLOSET : We have a collection of dishes, bakingware, cookware, etc. that may be borrowed. You must fill out and submit a request form to the Dish Closet Chair up to 48 days in advance, but at least 72 hours before they are needed. Forms can be found at desk.

EXERCISE ROOM : It is a room in the East Penthouse overlooking the western parts of campus. It is equipped with one bike, a treadmill, an elliptical, a rowing machine, weights, yoga video, yoga ball and matt. The door is usually left unlocked, but a key can be obtained at the front desk. Want more equipment? Send your concerns to the Athletic Chair.


FRONT DESK : The desk is staffed by McCormick residents from 7:30 am to 12:45 am seven days per week. Some of the many things you can obtain at desk include keys, equipment, forms, packages, and information. Please, never return items when a deskworker is not present and make sure you always get your ID back immediately after returning an item.

The “Rec” Room is in the basement, below the East tower. There’s a turbo airhockey table and ping pong table plus foosball and pool tables. There’s also a tv/vcr in the room. Check it out; you do need a break from studying every once in a while.

GUEST ROOMS : There are six guest rooms that can be reserved by McCormick or Green Hall residents. Please see Guest Room Reservation information for rules.

GYM : The Gym is a beautiful room which is best used as a dance room (renovated in 2005). It features skylights, a hardwood floor, floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall, and a barre on the other three. No food or drink is allowed inside! A key must be checked out for this room and it can be reserved. MIT Bhangra and Dance Team can usually be found practicing here. Dance Team sometimes offers free classes to McCormick residents on the weekends.

LAUNDRY ROOM : The laundry room is in the basement below the West Tower and it contains washers, dryers, and a sink. The machines cost 75 cents for each operation and payment can be made with quarters or a meal plan account. The washers run for about 45 minutes while the dryers run for 54 minutes. There is also a weigh scale.

LIVING ROOMS : There are two living rooms found on the first floor called the Brown Living Room and the Green Living Room, named according to the color of the carpet in each room. The Brown Living Room now has a red carpet, but the old name has stuck. Both rooms have a grand piano and comfortable furniture. Both can be reserved for group meetings, but are also great for studying or relaxing in. The annual McCormick winter celebration, Festivus, is held in the Brown Living Room. There is a humongous spread of delectable foods and desserts as well as a gingerbread house making, seasonal music and other fun activities.

Brown Living Room

Green Living Room

MUSIC ROOM : There is one upright piano in the music room and several music stands. There is also enough room for nearly a dozen people so the room is often reserved by the campus a capellagroups such as The Muses. The key may be checked out at the front desk.


PENTHOUSES : There are two penthouses: the East Penthouse and the West Penthouse. Each have a television with a VCR (for which a key must be checked out from desk), furniture, and an amazing view of Boston and the Charles River. These rooms can be reserved through the Room Reservation Chair. To get to the West Penthouse you must take the stairs from 7W, but you can reach the East Penthouse with the East Tower elevator.

East Penthouse

Private Dining Room : Located directly across from the West Tower elevator, this room contains a long dining table and is used for medium sized dining events or meetings. This room may be reserved and the key may be checked out at the front desk.

SEWING ROOM : There are three sewing machines in this room. The key may be checked out at the front desk. TYPEWRITER ROOM: There is a typewriter available to residents in the East Penthouse Typewriter Room. Check out the key at the front desk to use it.

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