McCormick Hall Survival Guide

Your Room


The Facility


What should I bring?

We recommend the following:
Personal Essentials – personal toiletries, shower caddy, umbrella
Your Room – egg crate or memory foam bed pad (optional), twin extra long sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, laundry bag/basket, towels, fan (optional)
Electronics – power strip, batteries and flashlight, cell phone, laptop, headphones, mini-fridge (optional), A/C (optional)
Kitchen – plates, bowls, cups, mugs, eating utensils, cooking implements
Clothes – casual clothes for class, heavy winter jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, sturdy walking shoes, warm socks (don’t wait until Thanksgiving to bring these items, as it usually starts to get cold in mid-October), and something nice for the McCormick formal, held during the fall!

McCormick Hall will participate in FYRE this year. However, if you choose, the room that you are assigned can be your permanent room for the semester. Thus, you can feel free to bring as much (or as little) as you want. However, unless you have a car, purchasing large appliances (e.g. mini-fridge or AC) or kitchen utensils will be a hassle. Most supplies that you need can be purchased online and delivered to the dorm.


How do I get internet access?

Internet access will be available once you move into your room. Each room has an ethernet port and wireless access. More information will be provided to you once you are on campus.


Do I have to clean my room?

No. But your neighbors would be very grateful if you kept your room, if not organized, then at least non-smelly. Remember that the custodians will not clean your room for you! The front desk has vacuums and brooms if necessary.


Where can I find floorplans of the building? Where can I find the square footage of my room?

Here is a link to the floor plans for the East and West Towers. When looking at the floorplans, the floor on the left of the screen is the West Tower and that on the right is the East Tower.

Here is a link to the floor plans for the Annex.

Here is a link to the room sizes for the East and West Towers.

Here is a link to the room sizes for the Annex.


How many people share a bathroom?

East Tower – There are two bathrooms per floor. Each bathroom has 2 toilet stalls, 2 showers and 1 bath. There are about 20 girls per floor.
West Tower – There are two bathrooms per floor. Each bathroom has 3 toilet stalls, 2 showers and 1 bath. There are about 26 girls per floor.
Annex – There is one bathroom per floor. Each bathroom has 2 toilet stalls and 2 showers. There are about 10 girls per floor.


Do I have to clean the bathroom?

No. The custodians will clean the bathroom every weekday morning. However, please be courteous and hygienic by keeping the bathroom as clean as possible.


Which bathrooms are women only, co-ed and men only?

All bathrooms on the residential floors are women only by default. Each semester, the floor meets to decide whether the bathrooms are women only or co-ed. There is a men only bathroom on the first floor.


Are there public computers?

Yes, there is an Athena cluster with 7 Athena computers and a printer on the first floor.


How many kitchens are there?

Annex – 1 kitchen on the first floor
East Tower – 2 kitchens per floor
West Tower – 1 kitchen per floor

There are also several shared kitchens- the Country Kitchen on the first floor and the Kitchen in the Clouds in the East Penthouse.


What eating options are available?

There is a dining hall on the first floor. All McCormick residents are required to purchase the dining plan which includes a set number of all-you-care-to-eat meals per week at any dining hall (Next House, Simmons, Baker, McCormick, Maseeh). McCormick Dining is open from 8am to 10am for breakfast and 5pm to 8pm for dinner. During the weekends and institute holidays, there is brunch from 10am to 1pm instead of breakfast.

You can also purchase food from the Student Center. On the first floor, there is a grocery/convenience store (La Verde’s), a Mexican place (Anna’s Tacqueria), a grill (Cambridge Grill), and Dunkin’ Donuts. On the second floor, there is the food court which includes Indian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern stations, as well as Subway. The Student Center accepts TechCash. Many restaurants also deliver to MIT. A list of restaurants is available at Campus Food. You can also cook in the McCormick kitchens. large grocery stores nearby include Star Market by the Le Meridian Hotel and Whole Foods past Next House on Memorial Drive.


What can I recycle?

There are recycling bins in the kitchens on each of the floors. There are also bins for recycling batteries, plastic grocery bags, and electronics on the first floor.


How much does it cost to do laundry?

The washing machines cost $1 for each operation and the driers cost $0.75-$1 depending on how long they are run for. Payments can be made with quarters or a TechCash account.