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Movies List

Last Updated: Spring 2014

Movies can be rented from the front desk for free, but you must leave a valid MIT or drivers license to secure it.

Movie Name Format
21 DVD
10 Things I Hate About You DVD
17 Again DVD
27 Dresses DVD
3 Idiots DVD
50 First Dates DVD
A Lot Like Love DVD
Accepted DVD
Across the Universe DVD
Addams Family DVD
Adventures of Tintin DVD
Amelie DVD
Anastasia DVD
Angels and Demons DVD
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol.1 DVD
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol.2 DVD
Ash Wednesday DVD
Atonement DVD
August Rush DVD
Australia DVD
Avatar DVD
Avengers DVD
Baby Mama DVD
Back to the Future DVD
Batman Begins DVD
Beautiful Mind DVD
Beauty and the Beast DVD
Before Sunrise DVD
Before Sunset DVD
Behind Enemy Lines DVD
Being John Malkovich DVD
Bend It Like Beckham DVD
Better Tomorrow 1 DVD
Better Tomorrow 2 DVD
Big Fish DVD
Billy Elliot DVD
Black Hawk Down DVD
Black Swan DVD
Blade Runner (Director’s Cut) DVD
Blood Diamond DVD
Book Thief DVD
Bones Season 1 DVD
Bourne Identity DVD
Bourne Supremacy DVD
Bourne Ultimatum DVD
Breakfast Club DVD
Bridesmaids DVD
Brokeback Mountain DVD
Brother Bear DVD
Brotherhood of the Wolf DVD
Cars DVD
Casablanca DVD
Casino Royale DVD
Catching Fire DVD
Chapelle’s Show Season 1 DVD
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD
Charlie Brown: It’s the Great Pumpkin DVD
Charlie Brown: Thanksgiving DVD
Cheaper by the Dozen DVD
Chicago DVD
Children of Dune DVD
Chinatown DVD
Chocolat DVD
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain DVD
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe DVD
Cinderella Man DVD
City of the Ghost DVD
Clerks (uncensored) DVD
Clueless DVD
Collateral Damage DVD
Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD
Coraline DVD
Crash DVD
Crazy, Stupid Love DVD
Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course DVD
Curious Case of Benjamin Button DVD
Dark Knight DVD
Dark Knight Rises DVD
Date Night DVD
Day After Tomorrow DVD
Dear Frankie DVD
Definitely, Maybe DVD
Departed DVD
Despicable Me DVD
Deuce Bigalow DVD
Devil Wears Prada DVD
Diving Bell and the Buterfly DVD
Dodgeball DVD
Donnie Darko DVD
Dreamgirls DVD
Easy A DVD
Eat Pray Love DVD
Eclipse DVD
Elizabeth: The Golden Age DVD
Emma DVD
Emperor’s New Groove DVD
Enchanted DVD
Encino Man DVD
Ender’s Game DVD
Enough DVD
Entourage season 2 DVD
Ever After DVD
Fame DVD
Family Stone DVD
Fantastic 4 DVD
Farenheit 9/11 DVD
Fast Times at Ridgemont High DVD
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off DVD
Fight Club DVD
Finding Neverland DVD
Firewall DVD
Footloose DVD
Forever Young DVD
Forrest Gump DVD
Frequency DVD
Friends: Season 1 DVD
Friends: Season 10 DVD
Friends: Season 2 DVD
Frozen DVD
Gangs of New York DVD
Garden State DVD
Get Smart DVD
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past DVD
Glee Season 1 Volume 1 DVD
Glee: The Complete First Season DVD
Glimore Girls: Season 1 DVD
Godfather DVD
Golden Compass DVD
Gone With the Wind DVD
Good Will Hunting DVD
Gravity DVD
Grease DVD
Great Debaters DVD
Hairspray DVD
Harry Potter (1) and the Socerer’s Stone DVD
Harry Potter (2) and the Chamber of Secrets DVD
Harry Potter (3) and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD
Harry Potter (4) and the Goblet of Fire DVD
Harry Potter (5) and the Order of the Phoenix DVD
Harry Potter (6) and the Half Blood Prince DVD
Harry Potter (7A) and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD
Harry Potter (7B) and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD
He’s Just Not That Into You DVD
Hercules DVD
His Girl Friday DVD
Hitch DVD
Hobbit DVD
Hocus Pocus DVD
Holiday DVD
Horrible Bosses DVD
Horseman on the Roof DVD
Hotel Rwanda DVD
Hours DVD
House, M.D. Season 1 DVD
House, M.D. Season 2 DVD
House, M.D. Season 3 (only disc 5 missing) DVD
How to Train Your Dragon DVD
Hugo DVD
I Heart Huckabees DVD
Ice Storm DVD
Il Postino (The Postman) DVD
Illusionist DVD
Inception DVD
Independence Day (note: in Day After Tomorrow case) DVD
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD
iRobot (note: in Day After Tomorrow) DVD
Iron Man DVD
Iron Man 2 DVD
Iron Man 3 DVD
Islam: Empire of Faith DVD
Jarhead DVD
Joy and Silent Bob Strike Back DVD
Julie & Julia DVD
Juno DVD
Kiki’s Delivery Service DVD
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 DVD
Kiss of the Dragon DVD
Kite Runner DVD
Kung Fu Hustle DVD
Kungu Fu Panda DVD
L.A. Confidential DVD
Lady and the Tramp DVD
Last Samuri DVD
Lawerence of Arabia DVD
Legally Blonde DVD
Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon (How to Train Your Dragon Bonus) DVD
Les Miserables DVD
Letter to Juliet DVD
Life as We Know It DVD
Lilo and Stitch DVD
Lincoln DVD
Lion King DVD
Little Mermaid DVD
Little Miss Sunshine DVD
Lorax DVD
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring DVD
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King DVD
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVD
Lord of War (note: in Sex and the City Case) DVD
Love Actually DVD
Madagascar 3 DVD
Magic Mike DVD
Maid of Manhattan DVD
Mamma Mia DVD
Mary Poppins DVD
Master and Commander DVD
Matchstick Men DVD
matrix DVD
Matrix Reloaded DVD
Mean Girls DVD
Meet the Fockers DVD
Meet the Parents DVD
Meet the Robinsons DVD
Midnight in Paris DVD
Mighty Wind DVD
Milk DVD
Miracles of Jesus DVD
Misery DVD
Monster DVD
Monster’s University DVD
Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD
Moonrise Kingdom DVD
Moulin Rouge DVD
Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD
Muhammed: Legacy of a Prophet DVD
Mulan DVD
Mulan DVD
Munich DVD
Music and Lyrics DVD
My Big Far Greek Wedding DVD
My Life in Ruins DVD
My Sister’s Keeper DVD
Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD
National Treasure DVD
National Velvet DVD
New in Town DVD
New Moon DVD
Newsies DVD
No Reservations DVD
Numb DVD
Ocean’s Eleven DVD
Ocean’s Twelve DVD
Office: Season 1 DVD
Office: Season 2 DVD
One Hour Photo DVD
One Tree Hill:Season 1 DVD
Other Boleyn Girl DVD
P.S. I Love You DVD
Pans Labrynth DVD
Parent Trap DVD
Paris Je T’aime DVD
Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD
Phantom of the Opera (2004) DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl DVD
Pitch Perfect DVD
Pleasantville DVD
Pocahontas DVD
Prestige DVD
Priceless DVD
Pride and Prejudice DVD
Pride and Prejudice (BBC Version) DVD
Princess Bride DVD
Punch-Drunk Love DVD
Pursuit of Happyness DVD
Quantum of Solace DVD
Radio Flyer DVD
Ratatouille DVD
Red Violin DVD
Rent DVD
Revolutionary Road DVD
Robin Hood DVD
Rocketeer DVD
Roman Holiday DVD
Rudy DVD
Run Lola Run DVD
Rush Hour 2 DVD
Sahara DVD
Salt DVD
Saving Mr. Banks DVD
School of Rock DVD
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World DVD
Secret Life of Bees DVD
Serendipity DVD
Seven Years in Tibet DVD
Sex and the City season 1 DVD
Sex and the City season 2 DVD
Sex and the City season 3 DVD
Sex and the City season 4 DVD
Sex and the City season 5 DVD
Shakepeare in Love DVD
Shawshank Redemption DVD
She’s the Man DVD
Sherlock Holmes DVD
Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows DVD
Shrek DVD
Shrek 2 DVD
Silver Linings Playbook (coming soon) DVD
Sin City DVD
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 1 DVD
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 DVD
Sixteen Candles DVD
Skyfall DVD
Sleeping Beauty DVD
Slumdog Millionaire DVD
Smallville: Season 1 DVD
Snow Day DVD
Soccer Dog DVD
Soft Skin DVD
Soloist DVD
Sorcerer’s Apprentice DVD
Sound of Music DVD
Source Code DVD
Space Jam DVD
Spiderman DVD
Spirited Away DVD
Star Treck into Darkness DVD
Star Trek DVD
Star Wars I: the Phatom Menace DVD
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones DVD
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith DVD
Star Wars IV: A New Hope DVD
Star Wars V: the Empire Strikes Back DVD
Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi DVD
Starsky and Hutch DVD
Super Size Me DVD
Superbad DVD
Superman Returns DVD
Sweeney Todd: the Deamon Baraber of Fleet Street DVD
Talk to Her DVD
Tangled DVD
The Blind Side DVD
The Blind Side DVD
The Edge of Love DVD
The Help DVD
The King’s Speech DVD
The Lovely Bones DVD
The Notebook DVD
The Prince of Persia DVD
The Princess and the Frog DVD
The Princess Diaries DVD
The Proposal DVD
The Rescuers DVD
The Rescuers Down Under DVD
The Ringer DVD
The Social Network DVD
The Tale of Despereaux DVD
The Tenth Kingdom DVD
The Time Travellers Wife DVD
The Wizard of Oz DVD
The Young Victoria DVD
Thin Red Line DVD
Thir13en Ghosts DVD
Titanic DVD
Toy Story 3 DVD
transformers DVD
Transformers 2 DVD
Tropic Thunder DVD
Trouble in Paradise DVD
Two Week Notice DVD
Ultraviolet DVD
Up in the Air DVD
Usual Suspects DVD
V for Vendetta DVD
Varsity Blues DVD
Venus Boyz DVD
Vicky Christina Barcelona DVD
Walk on the Moon DVD
Walk the Line DVD
Walking Life DVD
Wanted DVD
West Side Story DVD
Wet Hot American Summer DVD
What a Girl Wants DVD
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (old version) DVD
X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD
Xmen: First Class DVD
Year of the Gun DVD
Zeus and Roxanne DVD
Zoolande DVD
Movie Name Format Summary
12 Monkeys VHS IMDb
25th Hour VHS IMDb
2001: A Space Odyssey VHS IMDb
Abs of Steel VHS IMDb
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective VHS IMDb
The Addams Family VHS IMDb
The Adventures of Huck Finn VHS IMDb
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle VHS IMDb
All Dogs Go to Heaven VHS IMDb
All Over Me VHS IMDb
Almost Famous VHS IMDb
AM Pilates VHS IMDb
Amadeus VHS IMDb
American Graffiti VHS IMDb
American Pie VHS IMDb
American Pie 2 VHS IMDb
The American President VHS IMDb
Amistad VHS IMDb
The Animatrix VHS IMDb
Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Premiere Collection VHS IMDb
Anne of Avonlea VHS IMDb
Anywhere But Here VHS IMDb
Apollo 13 VHS IMDb
Arsenic and Old Lace VHS IMDb
As Good As It Gets VHS IMDb
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery VHS IMDb
Babe: Pig in the City VHS IMDb
Bad Boys VHS IMDb
Badshah VHS IMDb
Basic Instinct VHS IMDb
Batman Returns VHS IMDb
Beautiful Girls VHS IMDb
Benny and Joon VHS IMDb
Betsy’s Wedding VHS IMDb
Big Daddy VHS IMDb
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure VHS IMDb
Black Hawk Down VHS IMDb
Bounce VHS IMDb
Boys Don’t Cry VHS IMDb
Braveheart VHS IMDb
Breakfast at Tiffany’s VHS IMDb
The Breakfast Club VHS IMDb
The Bridges of Madison County VHS IMDb
Bridget Jones’s Diary VHS IMDb
Bring It On VHS IMDb
Bringing Down the House VHS IMDb
The Bumblebee Flies Anyway VHS IMDb
Can’t Hardly Wait VHS IMDb
Captain Ron VHS IMDb
Carousel VHS IMDb
Casablanca VHS IMDb
Casper VHS IMDb
Cats & Dogs VHS IMDb
A Christmas Story VHS IMDb
The Cider House Rules VHS IMDb
Citizen Kane VHS IMDb
City Slickers VHS IMDb
Cliffhanger VHS IMDb
Cocktail VHS IMDb
Contact VHS IMDb
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind VHS IMDb
The Craft VHS IMDb
The Crying Game VHS IMDb
D2: The Mighty Ducks VHS IMDb
Days of Thunder VHS IMDb
Dead Again VHS IMDb
Dead Man Walking VHS IMDb
Dead Poets Society VHS IMDb
Deep Impact VHS IMDb
Diamonds are Forever VHS IMDb
Die Hard VHS IMDb
Die Hard 2 VHS IMDb
Die Hard with a Vengence VHS IMDb
Dirty Dancing VHS IMDb
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels VHS IMDb
Don’t Say a Word VHS IMDb
The Doors VHS IMDb
Down Periscope VHS IMDb
Dracula VHS IMDb
Dragonheart VHS IMDb
East is East VHS IMDb
Ed Wood VHS IMDb
Elizabeth VHS IMDb
Enemy of the State VHS IMDb
The English Patient VHS IMDb
Ever After VHS IMDb
Executive Decision VHS IMDb
The Faculty VHS IMDb
The Family Man VHS IMDb
Far and Away VHS IMDb
Fargo VHS IMDb
The Fast and the Furious VHS IMDb
A Few Good Men VHS IMDb
Field of Dreams VHS IMDb
Fight Club VHS IMDb
Finding Forrester VHS IMDb
Fish Called Wanda VHS IMDb
Flatliners VHS IMDb
Flipper VHS IMDb
Forces of Nature VHS IMDb
Forget Paris VHS IMDb
Four Weddings and a Funeral VHS IMDb
The Fox and the Hound VHS IMDb
Frankie and Johnny VHS IMDb
Free Willy VHS IMDb
Frequency VHS IMDb
Fried Green Tomatoes VHS IMDb
From Russia With Love VHS IMDb
The Fugitive VHS IMDb
The Full Monty VHS IMDb
Funny Face VHS IMDb
Galaxy Quest VHS IMDb
Gangs of New York VHS IMDb
Girl, Interrupted VHS IMDb
Gladiator VHS IMDb
The Godfather VHS IMDb
The Godfather Part III VHS IMDb
Goldeneye VHS IMDb
Goldfinger VHS IMDb
Gone in Sixty Seconds VHS IMDb
Goonies/Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory VHS IMDb,IMDb
Grease VHS IMDb
Grosse Pointe Blank VHS IMDb
Grumpy Old Men VHS IMDb
Hamlet VHS IMDb
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle VHS IMDb
Hannibal VHS IMDb
Happy Gilmore VHS IMDb
Happy Texas VHS IMDb
Hearts and Souls VHS IMDb
Hearts in Atlantis VHS IMDb
His Girl Friday VHS IMDb
Home Alone VHS IMDb
Hope Floats VHS IMDb
How to Make an American Quilt VHS IMDb
The Hunchback of Notre Dame VHS IMDb
Ice Age VHS IMDb
In the Bedroom VHS IMDb
In the Line of Fire VHS IMDb
Indecent Proposal VHS IMDb
Independence Day VHS IMDb
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade VHS IMDb
It’s the Muppets! VHS IMDb
It’s Wonderful Life VHS IMDb
Jackie Brown VHS IMDb
Jackie Chan’s First Strike VHS IMDb
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back VHS IMDb
Jean de Florette VHS IMDb
Jeepers Creepers VHS IMDb
The Jerk VHS IMDb
Jerry MaGuire VHS IMDb
Jesus VHS IMDb
Jurassic Park III VHS IMDb
Just Can’t Get Enough VHS IMDb
Kate and Leopold VHS IMDb
Kindergarten Cop VHS IMDb
Kiss the Girls VHS IMDb
L.A. Confidential VHS IMDb
Lady and the Tramp VHS IMDb
Ladyhawke VHS IMDb
Lengends of the Fall VHS IMDb
Les Miserables VHS IMDb
Lethal Weapon 3 VHS IMDb
Liar Liar VHS IMDb
Life is Beautiful VHS IMDb
Lightening Jack VHS IMDb
The Lion King VHS IMDb
The Little Mermaid VHS IMDb
The Little Princess VHS IMDb
Little Women VHS IMDb
Look Who’s Talking VHS IMDb
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers VHS IMDb
Mallrats VHS IMDb
The Man in the Iron Mask VHS IMDb
The Mask VHS IMDb
The Mask of Zorro VHS IMDb
Meet the Parents VHS IMDb
Men of Honor VHS IMDb
The Mexican VHS IMDb
Mighty Aphrodite VHS IMDb
Miracle on 34th Street VHS IMDb
Monsters, Inc. VHS IMDb
Moonlight Mile VHS IMDb
Mr. Holland’s Opus VHS IMDb
Much Ado About Nothing VHS IMDb
Muppet Treasure Island VHS IMDb
My Girl VHS IMDb
National Lampoon’s European Vacation VHS IMDb
National Park VHS Library: Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite VHS IMDb
Never Been Kissed VHS IMDb
New York City Ballet Workout VHS IMDb
The Newton Boys VHS IMDb
Next Stop Wonderland VHS IMDb
North VHS IMDb
North By Northwest VHS IMDb
Notting Hill VHS IMDb
The Object of My Affection VHS IMDb
Ocean’s Eleven VHS IMDb
Of Mice and Men VHS IMDb
Office Space VHS IMDb
Only You VHS IMDb
The Others VHS IMDb
Outbreak VHS IMDb
Paradise VHS IMDb
Parenthood VHS IMDb
The Patriot VHS IMDb
Patriot Games VHS IMDb
Philadelphia VHS IMDb
Picture Perfect VHS IMDb
Play It to the Bone VHS IMDb
Poetic Justice VHS IMDb
Presumed Innocent VHS IMDb
Pretty Woman VHS IMDb
Pride and Prejudice (miniseries) VHS IMDb
Primal Fear VHS IMDb
Princess Mononoke VHS IMDb
Psycho VHS IMDb
Pulp Fiction VHS IMDb
Quiz Show VHS IMDb
Rat Race VHS IMDb
Real Genius VHS IMDb
Rear Window VHS IMDb
Risky Business VHS IMDb
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves VHS IMDb
The Rock VHS IMDb
Romeo Must Die VHS IMDb
The Rookie VHS IMDb
Rules of the Sea VHS
Runaway Bride VHS IMDb
Rush Hour VHS IMDb
Rush Hour 2 VHS IMDb
Sabrina (1954) VHS IMDb
Sabrina (1995) VHS IMDb
The Santa Clause VHS IMDb
Satisfaction VHS IMDb
Saturday Night Live: SNL Goes Commercial VHS IMDb
Saving the Silence VHS
Scary Movie 2 VHS IMDb
The Score VHS IMDb
Scream 2 VHS IMDb
The Secret Garden VHS IMDb
Sense and Sensibility VHS IMDb
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers VHS IMDb
Shakespeare in Love VHS IMDb
Shawshank Redemption VHS IMDb
She’s All That VHS IMDb
Silence of the Lambs VHS IMDb
Sister Act 2 VHS IMDb
Sixteen Candles VHS IMDb
The Sixth Sense VHS IMDb
The Skulls VHS IMDb
Sleepless in Seattle VHS IMDb
Sling Blade VHS IMDb
Snatch VHS IMDb
Soapdish VHS IMDb
Soul Food VHS IMDb
South Pacific VHS IMDb
Speed VHS IMDb
St. Elmo’s Fire VHS IMDb
Stand and Deliver VHS IMDb
Star Wars: A New Hope VHS IMDb
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back VHS IMDb
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi VHS IMDb
Strictly Ballroom VHS IMDb
Sweet November VHS IMDb
Swordfish VHS IMDb
Tadpole VHS IMDb
Tank Girl VHS IMDb
The Terminator VHS IMDb
The Terminator 2 VHS IMDb
The Terminator 3 VHS IMDb
That Thing You Do VHS IMDb
There’s Something About Mary VHS IMDb
Three Kings VHS IMDb
The Three Musketeers VHS IMDb
Thunderball VHS IMDb
Timecop VHS IMDb
Titanic VHS IMDb
Tommy Boy VHS IMDb
Total Recall VHS IMDb
Tough Guys Don’t Dance VHS IMDb
Toy Story 2 VHS IMDb
Traffic VHS IMDb
Training Day VHS IMDb
True Lies VHS IMDb
Twister VHS IMDb
Twins VHS IMDb
U-571 VHS IMDb
Untamed Heart VHS IMDb
Up Close and Personal VHS IMDb
The Usual Suspects VHS IMDb
Va Savoir VHS IMDb
Victor/Victoria VHS IMDb
Wag the Dog VHS IMDb
Walk in the Clouds VHS IMDb
Wallace and Grommit in A Close Shave VHS IMDb
War Games VHS IMDb
The Waterboy VHS IMDb
Waterworld VHS IMDb
Wayne’s World VHS IMDb
We Were Soldiers VHS IMDb
The Wedding Singer VHS IMDb
What Lies Beneath VHS IMDb
When a Man Loves a Woman VHS IMDb
While You Were Sleeping VHS IMDb
White Men Can’t Jump VHS IMDb
Wyatt Earp VHS IMDb
The X Files VHS IMDb
X-men VHS IMDb
You Only Live Twice VHS IMDb
You’ve Got Mail VHS IMDb