Raul Radovitzky and Flavia Cardarelli

Raúl and Flavia have been the McCormick Hall Heads of House since August of 2015. Raúl’s whole life has been dedicated to the academic world with an equal love for research and teaching. But among all of his academic passions, the interaction with the student community is definitely his favorite. He arrived at MIT in 2001 and is now a professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the associate director of the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, and the winner of a 2014 Student Champion Award for his excellence as a freshman advisor.

The Institute is a family affair for the Radovitzkys. Flavia has been the senior administrative assistant with the MIT-Portugal Program since 2006. Their sons Ben and Felipe have attended MIT summer camp for many years. They eventually became counselors-in-training and stood out for their excellent sailing skills. In fact, sailing is an activity the entire family enjoys. Felipe is joining the MIT class of 2020 next fall, and Ben is a rising junior at the International School of Boston.

Food is another passion for them. The entire family has an international flair for cooking, drawing on Italian, Spanish, Jewish, French, and Argentine culinary traditions for inspiration. Raúl is known for taking meals with small groups of students, or cooking an authentic Argentine barbecue — called an “asado” — for students in his classes at the end of the spring term. The truly enjoy food, music, company and lively conversation.


Heads of House Raul Radovitzky and Flavia Cardarelli with sons Ben (left) and Felipe (right)