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McCormick Hall Graduate Resident Tutors

Meet the RLAD in McCormick!

Lauren Piontkoski
Hi! I’m Lauren, the Residential Life Area Director for McCormick Hall. This is my second year as a live-in professional staff member for Residence Life Programs and I am beyond excited to work with our amazing community of residents here in McCormick. My office is located directly next to the Dance Studio, swing by to say hi! 

Be sure to explore Cambridge and Boston and check out the Charles River Kayaking location over by Kendall, its my favorite summer/fall activity!

Meet the wonderful tutors in McCormick!

West Tower
Ashley Brown
(West 2,3)
Hi! I’m Ashley Brown, the GRT for 2/3 West. This is my first year at McCormick and my 6th year at MIT. I’m working on a master’s in course 2. My research involves medical device design. Outside of lab, I enjoy hiking, swimming, running, reading, building, and listening to and playing music. My apartment in room 317 is stocked with nerdy toys and puzzles–come check them out and say hello!
 Jen Wilson and Adam Labadorf (4/5 West)

Greetings!  We are the dynamic GRT duo on 4/5 west.  Jen is from Springfield, VA, and is a 4th year grad student in Course 20 (Biological Engineering).  Adam is a Connecticut native and a Bioinformatics grad student at BU.  Our powers include baking, sewing, puzzles, board games, cycling, running, and a don’t-take-life-too-seriously attitude.  We have different but complementary styles, have a knack for listening, and love making people feel comfortable and welcome. There’s almost always some kind of music playing (softly!) in our apartment, and there’s a good chance we have something delicious to eat coming out of the kitchen.  We’re very excited to be a part of the McCormick community, and no matter which floor you call home, please feel welcome to stop by and say hello!

Becky Asher 
(West 6,7)
Hi! I’m Becky, the GRT for 6/7 West. This is my second year at McCormick and my fourth at MIT. I’m a grad student in Course 6, and my research deals with rapid diagnosis of respiratory diseases. Over the past several years here, I’ve loved exploring Cambridge and Boston. Running along the Charles River, catching jazz performances in the city, and heading to farmers’ markets have been some of my favorite things to do. I also really enjoy baking and coming up with new dessert recipes. Stop by room 617 to help create and consume new sugary concoctions!
East Tower
Bridget Wall
(East 2,3)
Hello! My name is Bridget Wall, and I’m the GRT for 2/3 East. I am originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, and I earned my undergraduate degree in biology and music at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL. Here at MIT, I am pursuing my PhD in bioengineering (Course 20). In the Niles lab, I build molecular tools to help study diseases like malaria. I have two younger brothers, and while my dad is retired, my mom is still working at Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet School in St. Paul, Minnesota. In my free time, I love playing with the MIT Symphony Orchestra, and I’m particularly famous around McCormick for my muffins! Feel free to stop by room 325 and say hello!
Shireen Warnock & Clark Davenport(4/5 East)

Hi! We are Shireen and Clark, the GRTs for 4th & 5th East. Feel free to stop by our apartment, 525, any time. We both love concerts, and are constantly going to shows in all genres so if you want any recommendations or want to geek out about music we’re always game! We also love to go outside and explore, both in and out of Boston, and try out new things– be it dogsledding, horseback riding, or getting lost in the woods (Shireen’s fault). Our door is always open and we’d love to learn more about you all when you come say hello. :) In case you’re curious about each of us, here’s a little more…

Shireen: I’m a third-year graduate student working on my PhD in electrical engineering, exploring devices made out of materials that might be alternatives to traditional silicon technology. I was at MIT for my undergrad as well, so it feels like I’ve been here forever! I’m originally from the suburbs of NYC and strangely enough, I love winter and this crazy Boston weather suits me just fine. In my free time I enjoy reading, and I learned recently that I absolutely love to cook. I also have a rather expansive collection of tea, and can probably offer up something you haven’t yet tried. So if you’re looking for a recipe, tea, or want to just stop by, say hi and try some new food, I always love to share!

Clark: I grew up in the valley of Central California until arriving at MIT for undergrad, where I was a 2-A with a concentration in robotics and controls. I just finished my Masters work here (also in Mechanical Engineering), where I researched the coordination of additional robotic limbs for assembly and manufacturing works. Basically, I love robotics. Which completely explains my choice to work at Kayak as a Data Analyst/backend developer. I will be working at their office at Concord for the foreseeable future. I am also a long-time musician, playing the drums in various bands of every genre since elementary school. Lastly, I picked up hockey during college and try to play a couple of times a week at various rinks in and around Boston. More than anything though, I enjoy spontaneity so always feel free to surprise with ideas, trips, or events.

Marcus Gibson(East 6,7)

Greetings!  We are Emily and Marcus, the GRTs on 6+7E.  This is Emily’s fourth year in McCormick and Marcus’s second, and you can find us in room 725.  Come by for a chat about life, some tasty food, or a quick hello — our door is open to everyone!  A bit about each of us:

(Emily)  I am from the Philadelphia area and and went to Columbia University to study Architecture and French.  Here, I am a grad student in architecture (course 4), researching disaster reconstruction in Haiti.  Beyond the studio, I am involved with the Japan 3.11 Initiative and the Graduate Christian Fellowship, and I love discovering new things about our city.  Ask me about my world travels, favorite books/recipes/blogs, and my cute nephew and niece!

(Marcus) I grew up on the beach in the Los Angeles area and went to the University of California Berkeley for a degree in Chemistry.  While at MIT, I am a grad student in bio-inorganic chemistry (course 5).  My research focuses on studying enzymes important for alternative energy.  Outside of lab, I am also part of the Graduate Christian Fellowship.  Ask me about playing the piano, grilling/cooking, and cafes/coffee shops around the area!
The Annex
Alexandra Cok


I’m Alexandra, the GRT in the Annex. I’m working on a Ph.D. in organic chemistry (course 5). My research involves studying the effects of polymer hydrogel microstructures on cellular response. When not in the lab, I enjoy reading and discussing books, cooking, and exploring Boston and Cambridge. I love music of all genres and you will often find me singing or playing my ukulele (or both!). Come visit room 275 anytime and say hello!