320 Memorial Dr. Cambridge, MA 02139

Dish Closet

All you ever wanted to know about checking out dishes, but were scared to ask for fear of being hit with a trifle bowl.

The dish closet is open to McCormick residents. The supplies are meant to help you with large events. Please read the policy below.

Dish Closet Policy

  • You must be a McCormick resident to borrow dishes.
  • Dishes must be ordered at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Fill out the Dish Closet Check Out Form with a list of dishes that you want. The dish closet chair will email you back when she has the appropriate dishes.
  • Dishes should be returned to the Dish Closet Chair within 7 days of use. Returned dishes must be clean and unbroken. Unreturned dishes carry a fine of $5 per dish.

You are welcome to donate dishes to the dish closet! For a list of available dishes, please visit the Dish Closet Inventory.