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Dish Closet

All you ever wanted to know about checking out dishes, but were scared to ask for fear of being hit with a trifle bowl.

The dish closet is open to McCormick residents. The supplies are meant to help you with large events. Please read the policy below.

Dish Closet Rental Policy
Dish Closet Policy

  • You must be a McCormick resident to borrow dishes.
  • Dishes must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Email the Dish Closet Chair with a list of dishes that you want. She will email you back when she has the appropriate dishes.
  • Dishes should be returned to the Dish Closet Chair within 48 hours of use. Returned dishes must be clean and unbroken. Unreturned dishes carry a fine of $5 per dish.

You are welcome to donate dishes to the dish closet! For a list of available dishes, please visit the Dish Closet Inventory.