Dish Closet Policy 
Need some extra bowls, serving dishes, appliances? Read this page before venturing into the Dish Closet.

Guidelines on Decorating Your Room
Those always in effect, and those especially for around the holidays.

Guest Room Info 
Things to know before renting a guest room.

Room/Equipment Time Limits 
Remember how long you may check out items or else you may be fined!

Room Lottery System 
Check out the Code of Rules to find out how the McCormick Room Lottery is run and what it’s based on.

Room Reservations
Want to reserve the Brown Living Room for your club’s general body meeting? Want to hold dance practice in the McCormick gym? A LARGE number of groups reserve rooms in McCormick so check out the Room Reservation to see how you can get the room you want fast and with minimal fuss. Also be sure to check out the Room Reservations Warnings and Penalties.

McCormick Hall Dictionary
A resource for your MIT & McCormick experiences.

McCormick Constitution
McCormick’s Constitution.

McCormick Code of Rules
The purpose of the Code of Rules is to outline the rules of McCormick Hall so that dorm living may be as pleasant and safe as possible.

McCormick Bylaws
McCormick’s ByLaws.