Executive Committee :

“ExecComm” is composed of the house president, treasurer, secretary, and the chairwomen.

As head of ExecComm, the house president oversees the activities of McCormick Hall and works closely with the vice president/ treasurer and secretary to guide the chairs.

Current President: Susan Mullen

As a member of ExecComm, the secretary works with the president and the vice president/treasurer to oversee the chairs and to hold house meetings. Her main tasks are to announce house meetings, record meeting minutes, and then post the minutes.

Current Secretary: To Be Elected

Treasurer manages money for the dorm and assists the President when she needs help. All of the money that the chairwomen and floor representatives spend goes through the Treasurer.

Current Treasurer: Rebecca Gallivan

Directors of:

Current: Nina Singh

Current: Briana Chavez

Current: Maryam Archie

Current: Sue Liang


These are McCormick residents who serve the dorm in various positions, draft policies for their positions, purchase itmes for the dorm to use, and plan events for the dorm to enjoy. Nominations are generally taken in November and ballot voting is held the first week of December. This schedule allows the new officers time to adjust to their new duties during IAP.


The Big/Lil sis chairs basically try to make the adjustment to MIT easier for freshmen by providing them with a big sister. They pair the freshman up withthe upperclassman according to common interests. They also organize fun activities such as movie nights, study breaks, etc for the big sis and lil sis to get to know each other. The goal of the whole program is to hopefully develop life-long friendships.

Current: Priya Pillai

The social chairs are responsible for providing a social atmosphere in the dorm through sponsoring and organizing various events such as semiformals, dinners, trips to places like the Boston Ballet, Freeport (outlet shopping mall), and hiking in the White Mountains.

Current: Laura Bergemann and Kerrie Greene

The study break chair position involves hosting dorm-wide study breaks at least once a month and usually during finals week.

Current: Dana Balek, Jessie Hsiao and Laura Treers

Internal Activities

The IAP chair is responsible for planning all events during IAP for McCormick Hall residents.

Current: Laura Treers and Sue Liang

This position keeps track of the events/activities of McCormick. She will take pictures and provide them to the webmistress.

Current: Kimia Ziadkhanpour

Dining chair acts as an advocate for residents on issues of dining. Helps formulate residence dining program in keeping with the wants and needs of residents. Also, put on 3-4 themed dinners per semester.

Current: Haley Abramson

This position designs fun things that say “McCormick Hall.” Past Spirit Chairs have ordered tshirts, sweatpants and water bottles.

 Current: Dana Dabbousi and Madee Haworth

The room assignments chair is responsible for conducting the room lotteries which determine where people room. The Room Assignments Policy is determined by a house vote. It outlines the point system which determines each person’s chances for a particular room. Room lotteries occur during the Fall, IAP, and Spring terms.

Current: Maryam Archie and Priya Pillai

The Webmaster keeps the web page current and useful for residents and visitors.

Current: Maryam Archie


The person holding this position is responsible for promoting athletic events for the dorm. She organizes IM teams, sets up intramural games, and provides the upkeep of the Exercise Room.

Current: Caroline Liu and Melody Wang

The person holding this position is responsible for organizing the dish closet and purchasing new equipment. She is also in charge of rental of dishes from the closet by McCormick residents.

Current: Sue Liang (Ag.)

The recycling chair makes sure residents are knowledgeable on recycling options, the floor reps are informed on recycling procedures, and that each kitchen has its share of bins. Past chairs have also organized the planting of flowers outside the building.

Current: Rachel Rock

The chair makes sure that the sewing room is stocked and in good condition.

Current: Laura Treers, Janie Liu and Daisy Tang

She is responsible for ordering paper and toner for the printers, and refilling when necessary. She is also in charge of making sure Athena Cluster Rules and printer guidelines are followed. She also works to improve other common space as necessary.

Current: Tara Smith

The entertainment chair is responsible for managing the house’s magazine subscriptions, for ordering and maintaining McCormick’s DVD collection.

Current: Laura Bergemann

External Activities

This position organizes an Alumni dinner each semester or each year for current and former McCormick residents.

Current: Vivian Zhong and Samyukta Yagati

The CPW chair is responsible for planning all events to recruit McCormick’s potential freshmen residents during Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) in the spring.

Current: Madee Haworth, Mary Delaney, Hope Flaxman and Elizabeth Vasquez

The Orientation chair is responsible for planning all events for incoming freshwomen during Orientation week.

Current: Jessie Hsaio, Elizabeth Vasquez, Laura Bergemann, Abbey Diener

This position helps direct McCormick’s kind-hearted residents toward community issues in need of service. She/they also coordinate monthly community service activities for residents.

Current: Elizabeth Vasquez and Maryam Archie(Ag.)

The I3 chair is responsible for making the I3 video about McCormick Hall that will be sent out every summer to incoming freshmen for the Freshman Housing Lottery.

Current: Mary Delaney, Hope Flaxman and Dana Dabbousi

The room reservations chair reserves rooms for residents who’ve filled out the appropriate forms (which are online!). Forms must be submitted at least 3 days in advance. The room reservations does not handle guest room reservations, that is taken care of by the deskworker.

Current: Briana Chavez

Judicial Committee

Judcomm is responsible for making judicial decisions which affect the dorm and require interpretation of any rules set out by McCormick government. Often, any problems such as violation of room reservation rules may be presented to Judcomm. There are five Judcomm members (including the Judcomm chair) and one alternate.

Members: Madee Haworth, Sue Liang, Janie Liu, Priya Pillai, Daisy Tang


She is the McCormick resident who oversees all the desk workers and is second-in-command after the House Manager.

Current: Nana-Efua Essuman

She is the McCormick who allocates storage space. Contact her to access storage.

Current: Maura Hennessey