Taking care of your Personal Computer

MIT Software

Go to http://ist.mit.edu/software-hardware

Things you should install for Mac:
Adium X 0.89.1-Instant messaging
Firefox (getfirefox.com)
Fetch-Secure file transfer protocol (Note: Install Kerberos Extras first)
Kerberos Extras-Needed for Fetch
Virex-Virus Protection

Things you should install for Windows:
Adobe Reader -PDF Viewer
Firefox (getfirefox.com)
Gaim -Instant Messaging
Kerberos-Used for getting tickets
Pharos Printer Client – Get it here
SecureCRT – SSH Client
SecureFX -Secure file transfer
Virus Protection software

Taking care of your personal computer

  1. Use updated Virus Protection and run automated scans of your hard drive
  2. If you use Windows, run Spybot Search&Destroy (find on google) every month
  3. If you use Windows, run Disk Defrag (All programs->accessories->system tools)
  4. Lock it up!!!!!! Do not leave it around or it will sprout legs and walk away!
  5. Set hibernate and monitor turnoff options after a certain period of idleness


BACKUP YOUR FILES or you will be sorry the night before your huge project is due and your computer crashes.

Backup Options:

  1. CDS/DVDS/Memory Sticks/External Hard Drive
  2. Store up to 1GB of files in your athena locker
  3. TSM Note: This costs money!