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Where to Go for Help

Find out where to go to fix your computer problems.


The following resources are available to you through Information Services and Technology for computing help:

Main page: http://ist.mit.edu

OLCs are the athena consultants who will be happy and willing to answer all of your athena questions. You can contact them by typing olc at the athena prompt or calling 617-253-4435. http://ist.mit.edu/olc/ask

Residential Computing Consultants are eager to help you solve your network problems in the dorm. Just find an Internet-capable computer (hint: our athena cluster) and fill out a ticket at http://rcc.mit.edu/.

The friendly folks in Athena User Accounts will help you with your kerberos account, password problems, mailing lists, and athena lockers.

The Student Information Processing Board is a student group dedicated to computing on campus. They often provide computing help at their office on the fifth floor of the student center. They also offer cutting edge technology at stuff.mit.edu and scripts.mit.edu. Check them out!

If you think something major is wrong on campus, checkhttp://is3down.mit.edu/. It’s occasionally updated.

The MIT Computing Help Desk is available is available to answer your Macintosh and Windows via phone at 617-253-1101 M-F 8a-6p, via email at computing-help@mit.edu, and in person in building N42 M-F 9:15a-5p. Come visit us.

Telephone and Voice Mail Repair:
It has been our experience that no one really knows this exists, but you should! If you have any problems with your room telephone, check with Colleen (McC House Manager) and then give them a call at 617-253-4357 M-F 8a-5p.

Do it yourself

Google and web.mit.edu google :
Your new best friends en.wikipedia.org:
The answer to life, the universe, and the Internet!