Cluster Guidelines:

McCormick has seven Athena computers in our cluster, located on the first floor of the east tower, as well as a quickstation located in McCormick’s lobby.

  1. No FOOD or DRINK in the cluster.
  2. Clean up after yourselves in the cluster.

Printer Guidelines

McCormick has two printers. Katharine, the printer in the cluster, is the one you normally use. McCormick, the one at desk, should NOT be used by McCormick residents. It is for desk worker and house management use ONLY.

  1. Please print things double sided or without header pages. Click here to find out how!
  2. Please pick up your print jobs!!!
  3. There will be a pile for pages that can be reused in the cluster.
  4. The cluster printer should only be used for such things as problems sets, about 25-35 pages per week. If you have to print out large documents (such as reading assignments) please go to the student center.
  5. NOTE: Paper and toner are bought using money from the house tax. We would really like to spend some of the money on other facilities, so please give us your full cooperation in these guidelines.

Personal Computing

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